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There is that moment in the middle of the night when you wake up, your mind turns on, and you just can’t stop thinking long enough to go back to sleep.

raspberriesYour child’s behavior is becoming problematic…

  • They can’t focus.
  • They aren’t connecting like they used to.
  • They are emotionally up and down like a roller coaster.
  • There have been more outbursts of anger.

HTTP//BRAINYTRADING.NET.IN/ The worst part is that you’re being told the best and fastest solution is to put your child on medications. Your gut tells you that’s not right. But what is right? There’s so much information that it’s overwhelming. Your gut is right. In fact, that’s the key solution to the problem.

The very foods your child is eating could be the root of the problem.

So where to begin? You need to know…

  • what foods are the best to eat
  • how to plan for and prepare meals
  • how to reduce fussy eating and make meals everyone will enjoy
  • how to make these changes on a budget and with ease

You want to see your family happy, healthy, emotionally balanced, sleeping well, energized throughout the day, able to focus and thrive.

You want GAPS.

The GAPS Class is a 10-week program for busy parents of young children, who are determined to provide a healthy environment for their child to grow.

Adults without young children also do well on GAPS and are welcome to join us.

The program is fun and supportive. The information is always available so you can reference it at any time. The materials are presented in both printable and audio formats to allow you to choose the method of learning that works best for you.



What is the GAPS protocol?


The term “GAPS” stands for Gut And Psychology Syndrome, which makes a connection between the state of the gut…and the brain and body health. GAPS™ is a natural protocol for a variety of conditions. { learn more }

What people are saying about The GAPS Class…

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This class will provide you with the tools to be successful! If you intend to work with the GAPS diet, you will be much better prepared after taking this course. The Facebook forum is worth the price of the course all by itself… Don’t miss the opportunity to enroll!” – Lisa K.
“I was able to finally dive into gaps with my daughter, after reading the book three times, researching different websites etc. I finally felt confident enough to go for it.” – Kristal H.
“Lots of information, really good guidance and a teacher who never stops searching for more information if needed.” – Anne-Marie O.
“Very good information about gut health, leaky gut, and how to heal it with GAPS and an awesome support community! Lots of great tips, recipes, and info on supplements to go along with the GAPS book. Access to our wonderful teacher, who patiently answered endless questions.” – Megan H.
“I have a much deeper understanding of the primacy of food – its role as both villain (when we eat modern processed food) and the hero (when we eat real, nutrient dense, healing food) of our health. I have learned that my health, and how I feel on a day to day basis, is 100% about what I eat. I honestly – no exaggeration – feel better than I have felt in decades. I have lost 10 lbs (was not overweight before) and have so much more energy and a more clear (less fuzzy) brain.” – Skotti F.

How is the GAPS Class delivered?

The GAPS Class is delivered in 10 modules – plus 2 bonus modules. The program is fun and supportive. The information is always available so you can reference it at any time. The materials are presented in both printable and audio formats to allow you to choose the method of learning that works best for you.

Important Dates

What is included in The GAPS Class?

The Modules


Members-only website and downloadable PDFs

The Worksheets


Downloadable PDFs

The Audio Version


Downloadable MP3 downloads

Here’s an overview of the topics that we’ll explore…

Module 1 – Introduction To GAPS Concept

– upon registering

For those who are new to GAPS, this module covers the basic concepts. This module also includes logistics of the course and how to organize and get the most out of this course. This module will be available as soon as you register.
  • Structure of the gut
  • Gut flora
  • GAPS children & adults

Module 2 – The Gut + Brain Connection

– Week 1

In this module we discuss the connection between the digestive system and the mental condition, and what GAPS symptoms look like. Also included are some great Family Observation tools, how to make broth and meat stock, and how to use these healing foods.
  • GAP Syndrome
  • GAPS Symptoms = Mental + Digestive
  • Family Observation

Module 3 – The Gut + Body Connection

– Week 2

In Module 2 we established that the digestive system affects our mental condition…what about the rest of the body? The digestive system is what gives us what we need for every part of the body to function. We also cover the making of ghee and more family tools.
  • Detox through Liver, Lungs, Skin
  • Spotlight on asthma, autoimmunity + chronic cystitis
  • Family record keeping

Module 4 – Nutritional Protocol

– Week 3

This is definitely a favorite module and full of great content. Along with talking about the protocol of GAPS, we also cover anaerobic fermentation and probiotics, with a bonus workbook and a handy PDF probiotics guide included.
  • Key Components of GAPS Program
  • Supplementation Overview
  • Detox + Chelation Overview

Module 5 – The Full GAPS Diet

– Week 4

What do you need to be eating on GAPS? This Module fills you in on what you can eat on the Full GAPS diet, along with food lists for all meals, eating GAPS with other people, traveling with GAPS, how to introduce dairy, as well as sample menus, great GAPS legal recipes, and useful templates.
  • Food lists
  • Cooking
  • Recipes

Module 6 – Stages Of The GAPS Diet

– Week 5

Module 6 focuses on the stages of the GAPS Introduction Diet, with lots of recipes for each stage! It also includes information on transitioning from stage to stage, transitioning to Full GAPS, and moving beyond the GAPS diet.
  • Introduction Diet, Stages 1 – 6
  • Full GAPS Diet
  • Coming Off the GAPS Diet

Module 7 – Supplementation

– Week 6

This Module talks about supplements commonly used in GAPS, with a supplement resource list included. As a special extra, there is a homeopathy workbook by Angelica Lemke, N.D. who has worked closely with many children with special needs. This workbook gets you started with this very GAPS complimentary therapy.
  • Basic GAPS Supplements
  • ‘Die Off’ Management
  • Other Supplements

{break week}

– Week 7

This week is open time for you to review and catch up on previous modules.
  • Review of modules

Module 8 – Detoxification

– Week 8

Another favorite in the GAPS Class, this module talks about the importance of the detoxification component of the GAPS protocol and how it works. Topics covered include juicing, sunbathing, detox baths, enemas, resources, and more.
  • Juicing
  • Detox baths
  • Enemas & other therapies

Module 9 – Practical Matters

– Week 9

In this module we turn our attention to some practical matters…from fussy eating to budgeting. We also discuss common GAPS issues and DIY remedies to help. Bonus budgeting workbook by the budget experts at YNAB!
  • Fussy Eating
  • Common issues & DIY remedies
  • Budgeting for a healing diet

Module 10 – GAPS Pregnancy + New Baby

– Week 10

If you are of conceiving age, having a new baby, or know someone preparing to have a baby, this module is for you! GAPS can also be helpful for conceiving, as one previous participant happily found out! It is important to prepare for pregnancy, birthing, and breastfeeding in a thoughtful way, as traditional people groups did.
  • Common issues
  • Birth + Breastfeeding Preparation
  • New Baby Care

Bonus Module – Heart Disease { Part 1 }

– after class survey!

These modules dispel the heart disease myths that have been around since the middle of the last century. The bonus modules cover Dr. Natasha’s explanations of the origins of the diet-heart hypothesis and how critically important fats are to every cell in our body.
  • Diet/Heart Hypothesis
  • Cholesterol
  • Animal fats vs. vegetable oils

Bonus Module – Heart Disease { Part 2 }

– after class survey!

{ continued }
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Prevent heart disease naturally

Curious? Ready to get started?

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glass-bottlesIn GAPS Class, you’ll learn…

  • how the brain and the digestive system works together
  • how to best support the brain and gut by choosing your foods wisely, based on a proven protocol designed by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.
  • how to prepare GAPS foods
  • meal planning tools
  • budgeting tips
  • what products to use on your body that support the brain and gut
  • the importance of a daily routine to support this new lifestyle

You will be completely supported throughout the class – and beyond through our private Facebook community and Pinterest pages.

What do students love most about GAPS Class?

“It’s a great resource!” – Kristal H.
I really love that I can continually refer back to the modules.” – Lisa K.
Informative, easy to navigate, great resources and access to a wonderful Facebook community.” – Alyssa A.
The Facebook forum, the communication, the ability to ask questions, and let out my emotions.” – Carrie K.
Easy access on your website, the design was beautiful which made it easier to digest the amount of info provided.” – Jen B.
The teacher was fantastic! Always willing to help and very knowledgeable. The modules were self explanatory, therefore easy to follow. I liked the ” homework” at the end of every module, it makes you achieve things.” – Aida
Melanie’s knowledge, care & commitment.” – Deborah R.
There is no way I could do the GAPS diet from just reading the book, this course filled in all the blanks.” – Alison W.
“I loved the community aspect of Facebook and the built-in links in the module, directing us to other resources.” – Skotti F.
Module 7 [Supplementation] was the most useful to me. Finally figured out why I had so much indigestion and was able to address it with supplements and stop taking Prilosec!” – Cheryl W.
It’s hard to choose a favorite module… I love the wealth of information included and how well you have organized it. Your GAPS Class is so thorough.” – Julie M.


Meet your instructor…

melanie-headshotThis course is taught by Melanie Christner, a GAPS™ Practitioner and Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

I am wife to a great guy, and a mother to four strapping youngsters. Our own family has been through the complete GAPS protocol, including the Introduction diet. The GAPS program gave our family robust, strong health and I will always be grateful to Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride for developing such a comprehensive health tool for nurturing healthy kids, and healing the broken.

My family and I live in the Green Mountains of Vermont, USA. Clients come to me for GAPS counseling and nutritional needs both locally, and long distance. I blog at about GAPS food, health, and how to apply a healing diet to everyday life.

I hope to see you in the course!

Are you ready to feel peaceful, calm, confident, and supported around your child’s health and future?

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Still curious? For more details, check out our Frequently Asked Questions. Or if you have additional questions, feel free to contact me!

with love and warmth, Melanie